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Airflow Tooth Polishing

Airflow tooth polishing is a superior cosmetic cleaning procedure which leaves you with clean teeth, a brighter smile, fresh breath and a huge boost in confidence.

The cleaning system utilises a specially designed machine to remove staining and discolouration from teeth without damaging the enamel. It uses a combination of water, fine powder particles and compressed air to polish the tooth’s surface and remove harmful bacteria.

A step-up from traditional dental cleaning methods, Airflow tooth polishing provides instant results. The process removes plaque build up from the tooth’s surface and allows for a deeper clean which reaches into the periodontal pockets. This can help prevent gum disease and vastly improves oral hygiene.

It uses a combination of water, fine powder particles and compressed

Benefits of Airflow Tooth Polishing

  • Faster cleaning: This method is three times faster than traditional scale and polish techniques
  • Reducing tooth sensitivity: There is no direct contact with the tooth sothe procedure is ideal for patients with tooth sensitivity. The fine powder particles can also fill exposed dentine tubules which helps to reducetooth sensitivity
  • Patient comfort: Less invasive than traditional cleaning methods, with Airflow polishing there is no need for scraping or using cleaning instruments on the tooth.Unlike traditional pastes, the powder particles are not gritty or unpleasant in the mouth
  • Deep clean before orthodontic treatment: Traditional cleaning polish pastes can contain glycerine which might interfere with the bonding and sealant process during orthodontic treatment. Airflow tooth polishing also removes 100% of endotoxins and bacteria from the tooth prior to bonding or sealant use

Your dentist at Penwortham Dental will advise if this is suitable cosmetic treatment for you.

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