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Dentures are more commonly used than you think and are excellent, discrete replacements for missing teeth. They look natural and are well-fitted so it is virtually impossible to tell they are being worn.

At Penwortham Dental, we believe that dentures can be a long-lasting and attractive solution for people of all ages who have lost one tooth or more. They are an ideal solution to get you smiling again.

Different types of dentures

A denture is a removable appliance made from dental acrylic. They can be used to replace one missing tooth, a row of missing teeth or the complete upper/lower teeth.

They are custom made for each patient and expertly fitted by our dentists who will recommend whether a denture is appropriate for you. The two main types of dentures are:

  • Partial dentures:  These are used when there are a few adjacent teeth missing or where the surrounding teeth cannot support a bridge. They are removable and are held in place by clasps that fit onto the natural teeth.
  • Complete dentures: These are used when someone has lost all of their natural teeth. They can be removed and need daily cleaning.

The type of denture your dentist recommends will depend on the number of missing teeth, the condition of your gums and the state of your natural teeth. The dentist will also advise you whether dental implants are required to hold the appliance in place.

Preparing and fitting dentures

If you require dentures we will explain the process and make sure you leave the practice smiling brightly and feeling comfortable.

Our dentist will take an impression of your mouth for the laboratory who will build your denture appliance. We will help you select the colour and shape of the appliance, match them to your gums and ensure they replicate your natural bite.

At the next visit, the dentist might adjust your bite for added comfort, examine the appearance and function of the dentures, your gums and remaining teeth as well as testing your speech. Once we are satisfied the appliance meets your needs, it will be returned to the laboratory to be completed.

If you are considering dentures, please call Penwortham Dental on 01772 742747 or click here to contact us.