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Dental Sedation

The Penwortham Dental team wants patients to feel relaxed and stress-free before treatment and procedures. As well as creating a comfortable environment and offering a high level of care, we also give patients the choice of sedation therapies for that extra level of assurance.

If you require treatment, your dentist will explain the steps involved and give you aftercare advice. Whilst we hope this alleviates your concerns, if you feel anxious and require further support, sedation therapy might be a suitable option.

Local Anaesthetic

This is used for the majority of our dental treatments and is effective for most patients. A topical anaesthetic is applied to numb the treatment site to ensure you experience little or no discomfort during your procedure.

Sedation therapy

Intravenous conscious sedation therapy or IV sedation is often used for patients who are anxious about their treatment. It leaves the patient in a deep state of relaxation.They are awake throughout the procedure but often feel as though they have slept through the process and have little memory of what occurred.

If you feel nervous or scared of treatment, please talk to your dentistwho will be more than happy to discuss sedation options.

Our team is very experienced in administering sedation therapies and want to ensure you feel as calm and relaxed as possible.

If you opt for IV sedation, you will need to have a friend or family member escort you home after treatment.

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