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Root Canal Treatment

Also known as endodontics, root canal therapy is used to treat infections within the tooth.

When dental pulp (soft tissue in the centre of your tooth) becomes infected it can lead to abscesses, discolouration and a range of other complications.

Signs that you may require root canal therapy include increased tooth sensitivity, pain when chewing, swollen gum tissue or facial inflammation.

If you experience any of these symptoms we highly recommend calling us to book an appointment.

Prior to carrying out root canal treatment, your Penwortham Dental dentist will explain all the steps involved as well as providing a treatment plan for you to read.

Advances in dental technology have meant that root canal therapy can be carried out quickly and efficiently and are vital to restore your dental health.

Tooth Abscess

An abscess requires treatment to clear out any infected dental pulp and prevent further infection.

The dentist will clean and irrigate the affected tooth with an anti-bacterial solution and your other teeth will be protected from the bacteria by the use of a rubber dam.

If left untreated, an abscess can become even more painful and cause infection to spread.

Root Canal Treatment

Often, root canal treatment takes place over two appointments.

The dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the affected and surrounding areas before removing the top section of your tooth to access the infected dental pulp. The infected pulp is then cleaned out with files. Medication can be applied to the cleaned-out canal to prevent further infection. At this stage your tooth will be sealed temporarily with a filling.

At your next appointment, the dentist will place a permanent root canal filling before sealing the tooth. A crown may also be fitted to prevent further deterioration of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment (Multi)

Sometimes, root canal treatment is needed for a number of teeth. This can be especially challenging at the back of the mouth as more roots need to be exposed to remove the entire nerve. The dentist will then fill the cavity and the entire tooth with gutta percha.

It is vital to maintain a good oral care regime after root canal therapy to prevent re-infection. We will give you advice and support following the root canal treatment.

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